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All photos on my photo pages were taken by me unless otherwise credited. You can see all of my online travel photos and videos in my online photo/video album.

I spent my undergraduate years at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

I attended the first game ever played at Jacob's field in April of 1994 - an exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Every spring semester my dorm competed in (and usually won) the South Side Olympics, a (sometimes) friendly competition among dorms on the south side of campus. This was our entry in the banner contest in 1992 - The Michelson "Magic Bus."



I spent the fall and part of the winter of 1992 working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and visited a few places in New Mexico.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico



I then spent the spring of 1993 at the von Kármán Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Brussels, Belgium. At the completion of the program, I traveled around Europe and these are a few of the pictures I took.

The Eiffel Tower

The white cliffs of Dover



During the summer of 1994, I participated in the NASA Academy at the Goddard Space Flight Center. Our group visited the Kennedy Space Center and viewed the launch of Columbia on mission STS-65.

Friday, 8 July 1994 at 12:43:00.069 EDT



In October of 1998, a group of friends and I traveled to the Kennedy Space Center to view the launch of STS-95. We had worked for the previous five months developing an experiment that was onboard.

Thursday, 29 October 1998 at 2:19:34 pm EST

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