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All photos on my photo pages were taken by me unless otherwise credited. You can see all of my online fire department photos and videos in my online photo/video album.

On April 19, 1997, a few companies of the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department (PGFD) participated in a training burn in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Two houses that were condemned were burned that afternoon.

This is a picture of the first house burned.

This is me sitting in front of the second house.
(Photo taken by Chris Ransom)



On April 26, 1998, the Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad (PGFD Engine Company 35) responded to what turned out to be a four alarm equivalent fire at a 115 year old former monestary in Beltsville, Maryland. I didn't get the chance to take any pictures, but the Hyattsville's Volunteer Fire Department's web site has a bunch of nice pictures. The Prince George's Journal had two articles, one about the initial fire and another after they determined the fire was accidental.



On May 18, 1998, the Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department conducted live fire evolutions on one floor of a high rise at 4300 Vermillion Avenue in the Oxon Hill area of Prince George's County. This was one of the largest live fire training exercises ever. For more photos, check out the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department photo page.

Me sitting in front of one of the rooms that we later extinguished.
(Photo taken by Jason Morgal)



Class photo
In September of 1999, I attended a swiftwater rescue class taught on the Shenandoah River in Front Royal, Virginia.

Shallow water crossing (I'm the one with the yellow helmet).
(Photos taken by Cindy Beasley and compliments of Rescue 3 Virginia)



On April 22, 2000, the Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department conducted live fire evolutions inside a two story house in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Engine Company 35 in front of the house at the end of the day. I am on the far left in the second row from the top.

This was the crew I was on for the evolutions. I was the officer when we entered the house and Chris (right) was on the nozzle for the first evolution with John (left) backing him up. They switched for the second evolution.

A picture of the house after we were finished with our evolutions, and...

...a little while later shortly before the roof and walls collapsed.

(Photos taken by Corinne Ségalas)



Following on the succesful live fire evolutions at Vermillion Avenue, the county conducted the most ambitious live fire burn training exercise in America at Parkway Terrace in Suitland, Maryland. The Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department participated during the sixth week of evolutions on 10 February 2001.



On the terrible morning of September 11th, I reported to Greenbelt's Fire Station and found myself at the Pentagon that afternoon helping to put out the fires. I have placed a write-up on our operation during the September 11th attack on the Pentagon on the web.

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